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Greeley and Hansen
Sustainable Utilities Chair 
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Blase Keegel

Philip Morris USA
Sustainable Utilities Vice Chair 
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Scott Shirley

Western Virginia Water Authority
Board Liaison

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Conduit Newsletter

Summer 14 Conduit


Sustainable Utilities Committee and Bioenergy Subcommittee

The purpose of this committee is to lead the growth and advancement of sustainable practices in the utilities industry through communication and educational opportunities amongst VWEA members and Virginia water professionals. The Sustainable Utilities Committee is led by a Chair and Vice Chair selected by the committee members and confirmed/approved by the President.


  • Foster the transfer of knowledge and information relevant to sustainability issues facing our industry.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with other VWEA committees, local and national professional associations, and VWEA members.
  • Create learning opportunities for VWEA members and provide a forum for them  to share their experience in the implementation of sustainable business practices within their organization.
  • Provide valuable resources to the VWEA member community that assist water and wastewater agencies in becoming sustainability leaders in their communities.
  • Research and communicate local and national sustainability initiatives and programs with VWEA membership.

Because of the importance of renewable energy sources to the concept of sustainability, the Sustainable Utilities Committee is tasked with including relevant information about sustainable energy sources and bioenergy in their communications and educational materials.  To support this task, the Sustainable Utilities Committee formed a Bioenergy Subcommittee which will operate under its umbrella with a subcommittee Chair and a Vice Chair.

The Chair(s) should solicit committee members with consideration given to diversity of professional disciplines, geographic location, and interaction with other committees.  The Chair(s) will make use of the committee resources and toolkit available at the VWEA website and the annual leadership training event (typically held in October).  The committee will prepare an annual plan and budget for submission to VWEA Board (typically in November).  The committee’s Board Liaison will be the PWO Representative.  

Past Chairs include:  Will Schafer, Jeff DuVal, and Nina Andgren (founder).

Chair:  Denise Nelson, PE

Vice Chair:  Blase Keegel, PE, ENV SP


Upcoming Sustainablility Events


Sustainable Design and Infrastructure Seminar

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

8:30AM - 4:30PM at the Westin Town Center, Norfolk

For more information and to register, click here